what color nail polish goes with everything

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Not only should your color coordinate, sometimes try matching the patterns in your clothes, too! Would you be surprised if I told you that I ENJOY matching my manicure to my outfit? Probably you would, because it may sound weird. But trust me, this concept really works.

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Anyway, I am pretty sure that prominently matching your nail polishes to your clothes is what many people hate most. I admit that when done wrong it may look tacky and old-fashioned; but if done properly, it can make you look more composed and beautiful.

How to coordinate makeup with outfit? Here are three secrets that can make you kill it with your style:

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Your lipstick speaks a lot about you. Perhaps, it’s one of the best ways to create a coordinated look. If you’re wearing a red dress, paint those lips RED. You just need to try a few shades to check what works best for you.

Remember, you can use your lipstick to spin out an accent color, like the pink in your bathing suit or the red in your scarf.

If you have an orange dress, pair it with an orange lipstick and it should all match the color of your nails.

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When matching your nails to your outfit, it shouldn’t be intense in terms of color. If you are wearing red, there’s no better way to coordinate than to paint our nails red, too. Instead of doubling up the color of your outfit, you can try something a little different that will reflect the turquoise accents in your scarf or dress. This will help bring out those petite details.

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Alternatively, you can try copying the colors in the patterns of your outfit. I do love stripes, and I would wear them daily if I could. Naturally, you need stripes on your nails too.

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If you’re wearing a classic black dress, it only makes sense make your eye look smoky, right? But what about trying bright eye shadows that match the color of your outfit? Is it a terrible idea? I don’t think so, as long as it’s done properly.