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It’s the joy of a dog owner to teach him tricks. Some of these tricks are frivolous like “play dead” while others are restrictive, such as not getting outdoors.

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But they’re certain tricks you can teach your furry pal that are life-saving. Whether it is keeping him from being hit by a fast-moving car or going into a furious fight, these tricks are the building blocks as far as an obedient and safer Fido is concerned. Not all tricks will work for all dogs and you might be having a custom made trick for your dog- after all, dogs are funny creatures and human-dog relationships are multi-layered. But these tricks will definitely improve the safety and obedience of your canine partner.

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“Sit”, a basic trick you can teach your dog, is meant to help you dog master basic instructions. For instance, when you tell him to sit in a certain position, he should sit there till you issue an otherwise instruction.

If you want him to chill somewhere while you take care of some tasks, you can tell him “sit”, knowing that he will not run off and (maybe get into problems) while you are distracted.


The command is ideal, especially in a crowded place or when loading your car and need Fido to chill out before you get in.

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Lie down

The “lie down” command is also effective at telling your dog to stay in a particular place or out of trouble. This will surely keep him out of problems.

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The “stay trick” is somewhat redundant. After all, putting your dog in a sit / down position, then the “stay” command isn’t necessary. But the “stay” command is like a security blanket for you and your dog. The goal is to have the dog stay where he is until you issue another command.

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Come, for many dog owners, is a rather obvious trick. But, after all, being guaranteed that your Fido is going to return to your position without fail (irrespective of the situation) is a great step towards ensuring that he’s safe.

However, achieving that “rocket recall” might be tough. You need to be consistent with your come command, irrespective of the situation.

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Other tricks

Other tricks you can count on include:

  • Leave it
  • Drop it
  • Wait
  • Heel
  • Focus
  • Don’t take candies from strangers