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Playtime is the most exciting part of your pup’s day. But while he is having fun playing tug-o-war or fetch, his body is reaping several cognitive as well as physical benefits.

I have sampled some of the most important reasons why regular playtime can boost your dog’s health and happiness.

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Physical fitness and overall health

Just like human beings, dogs need cardio exercises to stay fit and keep their body fat low. Currently, there are thousands of pets who’re obese, and you definitely don’t want your FIDO to be in that category. So, let HIM play, play, and play. Fetch, Frisbee, as well as water games, provide an excellent opportunity for your dog to strengthen his muscles and look young.

Behavioral problems

Idle dogs have been proven to suffer from behavioral disorders like aggression and anxiety. Toys and games can work like magic for your dog. They provide comfort, contentment, and distraction to him when you’re not home. If you can get him busy with classic toys and mind-blowing games, you’ll be making things even better between the two of you. Who doesn’t love a happy and healthy dog?

When anxiety is reduced and rules formed through play, your dog becomes less aggressive with people and other animals.

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Cognitive sharpness

Most dog owners desire to have a well-trained dog. Playtime makes your pet’s mind smarter, thus making training much easier and efficient. What you might consider a simple hide and seek game actually demands your dog to think deeply.

So, be creative with those games. Think of something that’ll force him to crack his mind, rationalize, and make a logical decision.

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A great way to bond and socialize

You’re the most important person in your dog’s life. He actually LOVES every moment he spends with you. Playtime is an incredible way to attend to your dog and bond with him through laughter, joking, and excitement. This will make your pet more loyal, honest, and trustworthy.

If you didn’t know, playing with your dog can be extremely beneficial to both of you!