in home obedience training

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Pets, especially dogs are opportunists!

Yes, they are. They will always demand a reason as to why they should do something or why they shouldn’t.

That is why you should motivate your dog regularly. You can achieve this through praise, treats, food, a loving touch, or even playing with them for a short period.

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But hardly any of it will “work” if the proper human-dog relationship is not there… i.e., the bond. Your dog is likely to forget you when he is left off the lead. He runs ahead sniffing and most probably ends up turning a deaf ear to your call

Want to hear the good news? You can prevent this from happening, but it must be at the puppy stage. For instance, during the very first “walkies,” try calling your pup. Use a high, but gentle tone (so that he doesn’t get scared). When he responds by coming to you, praise him and maybe give him a nice treat.

You can accompany a treat with something great, like playing with him or offering him a toy. In fact, Fido should know that:” it’s worth it to listen and come! And my boss will be fascinating!”

Keep deepening this DOGGY mindset.

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When walking your dog, it is vital that you take “walkies” as the best time to engage actively with your best friend. Allow Fido to sniff around or switch off in the course of the walk. All the same, ensure that he is made aware of your presence at all times.

Don’t be hesitant to try new things during this time. Showing him a stick, running with him, letting him learn a few good behaviors like obedience and getting your pup to balance on a round log are some of the things you can do while walking with him. Doing so will promote bonding since your dog will learn that it is vital to keep an eye on people (especially his masters/mistress).
Regular eye contact
When your four-legged canine looks you straight into the eye, give him praise or a little treat. This will encourage more eye contact from him.