why is my cat hiding all the time

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Pets, especially felines are sensitive to change. They have more developed senses than that of humans. So they easily get stressed with even small sounds, smells, as well as sights. This, among other things, can lead to litter box difficulties and other unwanted behaviors.



The big question

Does this result from an overreaction? No! In fact, not to a kitten. It trickles down to how vulnerable cats are. Cats take their homes to be their entire world.

cat laying down in litter box

How to know if your cat is stressed out

Use the following questions to evaluate whether the changes in the environment are the cause of his undesired behavior.

  • Did you move recently with your cat?
  • Did somebody leave your home?
  • A new person or animal at home?


  • Any new smells (for instance, new perfumes/cologne and detergent or some paintings) at home?
  • Any new construction going on around?
  • Are there new noises around?

Figure out what is the cause of your cat’s behavior to help you design the next course of action. But if you cannot eliminate—or identify—the cause, think of ways to reduce his stress; like giving him adequate affection, attention, an interactive play, a stimulating & safe environment, and maintaining a dependable routine.

new cat hiding in house

Physical play

Playing with your cat on a regular basis can effectively reduce stress. So, play with him for 10-15 minutes (but twice a day).


Experiment with games. Deviate from the tradition. Try new games. Games, such as chase fetch, and catnip can help make your kitty happier.

An interesting home

Stress is normally associated with boredom. So give him some interesting things to do on his own like scratching posts, hidden food, and new stuff to play with or investigate. Make his home exciting and equip it with interactive toys.