home remedy for a car sick dog

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Drooling, dribbling, shaking, panting, and even vomiting… Sounds familiar?

Well, behaviorists suggest that that much of dog’s car sickness is as a result of fear, so to help him overcome it, you’ll need to teach him (albeit slowly) not to be scared of cars.

The golden tips you need

Here’s how to teach him that a car is a great place:

nausea medicine for dogs


First, reward him for just being near your car. Then get into the car and start the engine. If he sticks around, reward him again.

But you should be patient with your pup. At first, it will be difficult for your Fido. But with time, he will get used to it.

dog car sickness

Feeding him inside the car

Second, get more advanced. Feed your pooch in the car – but it shouldn’t before trips, of course! Do not feed him less than an hour before the trip to minimize the effects of nausea.

Don’t take your four-legged furry pal to places you feel might make him sick. Remember, a car sick is likely to set back your progress as far as teaching him how safe the car is concerned.

canine car sickness

Use a crate

Ensure to use a secured crate when ferrying your dog. This will make him feel safe and stay calm. If this doesn’t work, opt for a doggy-seat belt.

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Ways to cure car sickness in dogs

Open the windows

Opening the windows will make him feel at ease. Think of the natural breeze due to cool temperatures and fresh air. Also, keep the internal temperature moderate.

More helpful tips to get you going

Have the following additional tips at your fingertips:

  • Always use anxiety aids
  • Have him sit on a somebody’s lap
  • Ensure that he can view the outside from the front windshield.
  • Cover his crate.
  • No loud music