dog birthday party food for humans

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I used to sit on the fence with this one. To me, there seemed to be many good reasons to party with my pooch but some nagging reasons why not to also crept into my mind. For one, I didn’t want to feel all the judgment from people for throwing a party for my four-legged pooch.

Some of my friends, especially the ones with kids, tend to tell me I humanize Sam (that’s my dog) too much. He’s just a dog after all. Another one of my reasons was all the attention celebrities got by throwing lavish parties for their dogs and the seeming ridiculousness of that whole sense.

dog birthday party food

But eventually, my strong desire to share a special day with my dog got the better of me. Sam is a rescue dog who was intended as a bait dog for illegal fighting. Thankfully, he was saved from that cruel life very early on, and I got to foster and adopt him at around age two.

I don’t know his birthday but my vet thinks he was born sometime in the fall of 2013 so I like to think he’s a Libra born in September, a symbol balance and justice for the once cruel life he was forced to live. So, he celebrates his birthday on September 23, the autumnal equinox. Here are some of the top reason you should also consider celebrating your dog’s special day.

    1. Every day is your birthday to a dog. Dogs, when bonded with their people, treat their humans as if every day is their birthday. The love and companionship are unmatched. They help reduce stress in our lives and appreciate everything you do for them. For all that love, we can give back on their special day and treat them like the center of the Universe. Granted, your dog will forget the particulars, but he will remember the love and his bond will grow.
  1. Socialization is crucial for a dog. Extended your dog’s party invitation to your friends with dogs. You guys may meet up at the dog park or set up a rally and agility course in the backyard. Either way, involving other dogs is healthy for your pooch, who needs the socialization in his life.
  2. One dog year is equivalent to seven people years. Every year, your dog ages seven years relative to you. That’s a big deal and should be celebrated.

Dogs are very special to us. They make us laugh with their silly antics and give us unconditional love, all the time. So, the next time your friends tell you how ridiculous it sounds to throw a party for your dog, remind them how silly it was when they threw a party for their one-year-old and then the following year when the kid turned two. OK, maybe don’t go that far.

Just shrug it off, tell them “it’s a dog thing, you wouldn’t understand,” and do as you please. But invite your dog parents and their dogs.

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