best cat litter for odor control

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It is in a cat’s nature to bury their waste in the ground, and they prefer to do so in sand-like substances. This makes using litter boxes very practical for your cat.

However, getting your cat to use a litter box is not as simple as setting one up in your home.

You would be hard-pressed to find anyone who likes the smell of a cat’s litter box, and very people are indifferent to it. We hide the litter box to keep it out of view and smell. Some people use furniture to hide the cat’s box whereas others keep it in a secluded area. Wherever you keep the cat’s litter box, you must make sure it’s easily accessible to your cat. Many homes have multiple stories. If your house has additional floors, you should keep a litter box on each floor as well.

best cat litter box for odor control

The litter box should always be in a safe and secure area for your cat. Many people think a washroom is a great place for the litter box, but your cat might not agree. The washer and dryer make a lot of noise and can startle your cat and make her less likely to use the litter box in that location.

best odor eliminating cat litter

The consistency of the litter or type of litter will also affect your cat’s willingness to use it. Litter comes in a few forms from sand to pellets. If your cat doesn’t like the consistency, she might not use the box. Nobody likes the smell of kitty litter, and some people will purchase scented litter.

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This may be a huge mistake for your cat who might reject the scent. Finally, how clean the box is will surely affect your cat’s willingness to use the litter, and she will look for another place to eliminate her waste.
how to litter train an outdoor cat

When bringing a new cat or kitten into your home, take time to learn her needs while litter box training and make sure her box is always accessible and clean.