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I use a lot of time playing with my cats and about once a month, I bring home a new cat toy for my girls. I’ve learned to be selective with the toys in the time I’ve had my two girls in my life.


My cats are still young at only 18 months old. They have many of their kitten tendencies and one of them, Lia, is my trouble maker who will eat anything she can get in her mouth. For this reason, I’ve learned to remove little bits of felt on toy mice and the tags on other toys because she’s just going to eat it. Juno, my other cat, never seems to enjoy the toys I buy and is more concerned with the wrapping that comes with the toy.

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There are several types of toys available for cats but when it comes to unsupervised playtime cat toys, I go for the little mice usually, and even the catnip filled ones. However, my cats are funny little creatures who don’t seem all the amused by the new toys I bring home.

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They have their favorite toys, just like the rest of us, and they hide them for a time. I will search the house high and low for the old toys and not see hide nor hair of them. Yet, I’ll wake up some Sunday morning, and there’s “Green Mousey” in bed with me.

Socks the cat

They say cats cannot recall memories and that feline memory is triggered by current events, but I’m always curious how my cats can find the toys they hide. I’m also amazed at the length of time they’ve been able to keep their favorite toy mice.

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Toys come and go in my house but “Green Mousey” and “Purple Mousey” are always around, somewhere. I sometimes wish they could find all the missing socks that have disappeared on me over the years as well, but that’s not likely.