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We all have to leave the house at one time- but how does your dog feel being left home alone? Couch surfing? Or singing the blues?


I have some great suggestions that can help keep your pup busy while you are away. Toys can be helpful, but there are certain things you should consider while choosing them. Read on for tips to keep your beloved friend happy yet safe.

It’s a natural behavior for dogs to chew on stuff. And if you don’t want to lose your furniture or shoes, then consider getting them some toys to keep them busy. With effective training, your pup can learn not to tear up things other than the playing toys you just provided.

good toys for puppies
Your dog’s safety is paramount

When picking up toys for your dog, safety should be a priority concern. Be sure to find something big enough that your dog can’t swallow. Small toys can be potentially dangerous and should be avoided.
You really don’t want to lose your “best friend, ” do you? So, be careful.

best chew toys for lab puppies

Go for something simple and durable

Some other aspects to check for are the durability and ease-of-cleaning. Also, look for toys with hiding spaces, where you can place treats and foods.

Forget about utilizing bones as chew toys because it could lead to digestion problems. Do not buy excess toys though; ten is enough.

best chew toys for teething puppies
Change those toys regularly

Watch out for play toys that can make your pet to chip his teeth. There are also those that can trigger gastrointestinal issues.

Remember to change the toys regularly so that your dog doesn’t get bored. Also, remember to ensure that your neighbors know your pup. In case you need assistance checking on them, your surrounding community can be a fantastic resource.