how to keep your dog healthy and happy

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This may sound weird, but dogs do smile. Nothing can make you happier like your dog’s happiness. There is nothing comparable to a sparkly-eyed, smiling dog!

During the day, when your pup is happy, you may find him relaxed and wearing a big smile on his face. Believe it or not, you can teach him to smirk on command. And this will make for great photos while also allowing you to enjoy your pet’s grin at any moment. Here are some of the best tactics to put a grin on your dog’s face this summer.

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Sharpen his cognitive functioning

Just like exercise is important to us, it’s equally important to your dog’s brain. Playing some interactive games with him is a fun way to connect with each other as well as an incredible way to stimulate his mind. You can get your dog to solve some puzzles to access a toy or treat, and even help him play hide and seek.

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Heck, if he gets good at this, imagine all the things he could help you with: Apart from making your dog happy, a cognitive game can turn your dog into a sensible helper in the house!

Tour some new place

Chances are your dog is tired of walking through the same route every day. Sure, he’ll always snuffle the same trees and posts, finding his ‘pee-mail’ daily and leaving the same ‘messages’ over and over. Try visiting a new place and see how differently your dog acts: there are new people, new turns, and new smells to challenge and motivate his senses.

Diversity is the real spice of life, and your dog isn’t anything different. He also loves variety, just like you do. So, why not take a ride together and discover new experiences?

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Try different exercises

If you’re used to daily evening walks, consider taking your precious pet to a dog park and allow him to rush off leash. Also, try jogging or going for a hike with him- changing the type and pace of exercising can be highly beneficial to both of you! Not forgetting that dogs love swimming during summer; especially arthritic dogs, whose stress is relieved by the buoyancy of the water.

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