dog wedding ring

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Dogs are an important part of many couple’s lives, and when it comes time to walk down the aisle, many couples want to include their beloved pooch in the special day. 


A dog in a tuxedo or with a ring of flower around her neck is an adorable scene, but there are a few things to consider before customizing your wedding to include your dog, and you can start by asking yourself what role you want your pooch to play.

Pet Personality

You may want your dog to stand with the wedding party or be a guest of honor at the ceremony, or you may have plans for a bigger role, like flower dog or ring bearer. Keep your dog’s personality in mind when choosing his role. How does he do with strangers and in crowds? Is he very excitable? 

How obedient your dog is will determine the level of responsibility you can give him, but above all, make sure he’ll enjoy the attention and the special day. You may want to hire a pet sitter to handle and guide your dog so you don’t have to worry about him and you can focus elsewhere.

Check with the Facility

You’ve selected your dog’s role, and you’re confident he’ll do well, but did you check the facility to see if dogs are allowed on premise? That last thing you want is to show up on your big day with your pup only to have him turned away. There will be some cases, you may not be able to bring your dog, but that doesn’t mean you can’t include him in the wedding. Many couples, whether they include their dogs or not, take their wedding photos with their pets. Some include their four-legged friends in engagement photos and wedding favors. If the venue doesn’t allow you to have your dog with you on your big day, you can still include him at the moment.

Practice Safety First

Dressing your pup in a tuxedo and including a bowtie collar can make the moment, especially for those forever wedding photos. But you should practice safety and make sure everything fits correctly and doesn’t cause any discomfort for your dog. If your dog isn’t used to wearing accessories, practice long before the big day arrives so he can get used to wears and be as relaxed as possible. Also, you want to ensure no bits of the accessory come loose, pose a choking hazard, or are toxic to your pet. This is especially true of fresh-cut flowers.

Let Your Guests Know

Some guest may be allergic or may have anxiety around dogs. Let your guest know if you are dead set on including your dog so they can plan accordingly.

Notify Your Photographer

Chances are, you’re not going to forget to tell your hired photographer about your intentions to include your dog. After all, you want to capture the moment perfectly in photographs. You will want a photographer who can capture action and spontaneous moments because our dogs, no matter how well behaved and obedient, are more likely to make a moment magical on their own time rather than on cue.