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Cats have some pretty big personalities and are capable of some extraordinary things when it comes to loving their human companions. 

They may not have a solid reputation of the dog as “man’s best friend,” but some cats prove their Lassie moments for the sake of their love and friendship anyway. One such cat, Bandit, earned his Lassie stripes and is considered a hero in his small retirement community.

Bandit is an older tabby cat who was adopted by Fran Swayze, a senior woman living in Cleburne, Texas. Even though Bandit came from a no-kill shelter, his odds of being selected were not good, given his age. Thankfully, Fran found Bandit, and he settled into his new home. Bandit enjoys a quiet life in his community but loves to take walks outside, which Fran happily obliges. He stays by Fran’s side, and the two take daily walks, which is equally healthy for Fran.

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One evening, well after his walk, Bandit gave the signal for another walk and sat patiently at the door for Fran to take him outside. Though thinking the hour odd but not wanting to disappoint her feline friend, Fran set out with Bandit. Instantly, Bandit took off and ran ahead. He popped his head around a corner and cried out for Fran to come, and when she made her way to Bandit’s side, she found one of her neighbors had fallen in a diabetic shock. Fran’s neighbor, Mary Baker, was out walking when her blood sugar dropped, and she collapsed.

Mary’s life was saved that night because of Bandit’s compassion for people and quick thinking. Bandit’s action in more proof that cats are sensitive and loving companions on equal footing with the dog. The heroic actions of Bandit earned him a friend for life in Mary and her and Fran have developed a sisterly bond brought on by the Hero of Buena Vista.