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We get caught up every day in our lives and fill them with worry about the past and worry about the future. We feel angry and upset over all the things we can’t seem to control and the unfairness of life that living in the moment for whatever scrap of happiness we can find just doesn’t seem possible.

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Then we meet an inspirational animal, who beyond all accounts, should be more miserable than us.

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Cats have an incredible power of love and can find daily happiness in a loving environment, but sometimes, we meet a cat who is beyond inspirational. Morris, an orange tabby, was just such a cat. Morris was born is 2008 and was the only kitten of his litter not to get adopted out to a forever home.

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The poor off kitten had a host of health issues from chronic eye infections to an upper respiratory infection. The rescue Morris belonged to soon realized they would have a difficult time finding a good home for the sweet boy and decided to keep him at the shelter, permanently.

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Morris, despite all his medical conditions, was a loving cat and became an instant favorite with the volunteers who saw how loving he was. Unfortunately, Morris was diagnosed with a heart condition as well as megaesophagus, a condition that prevents food from entering his stomach. Morris needed additional medical care and daily medical treatments to go on living.

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Staff and volunteers took great care with their beloved Morris, who never fought them and always showed the utmost love and affection for the care he received as if he knew they were helping him. During his time at the shelter, a young man named Mitchell began volunteering at the shelter. Mitchell suffered from his own health conditions and was often despondent and sad over his conditions.

Within a short time, Morris and Mitchell bonded, and Morris gave Mitchell more than just unconditional love and affection. Morris taught Mitchell how to live in the moment and love the moment. This is a difficult thing for us to do but with some amazing feline perspective; we can learn to put aside our fears and see the love and beauty in all things around us.

Unfortunately, Morris passed away at age five but was surrounded by those he loved and those who loved his dearly in return. Cats have an amazing ability to teach us the simple act of living in the moment, and if we are quiet and listen to our wise kitties, we will live fuller, happier lives despite hardship.