how to dress simple but stylish

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We have been there. Hours before that cocktail party (and you’re just there standing) before the closet “without something to wear!” And this era characterized by fast-changing fashion has not helped much.

Sure that $60 bash dress ragged from the runway might look like a bargain, however, if it is worn once, is it truly a steal?

So, how can you build a classy wardrobe with cheaply bought clothes? Well, it is possible to re-build a wardrobe that’s constantly in fashion–all you need is to familiarize yourself with some golden fashion tips.

how to dress stylish

Start With the Essentials

Select your favorite pieces–I mean your closet essentials–and build your wardrobe around them. Anything you purchase should work with these essentials. Start with that perfectly custom-made black pants, a classy trench coat, a workplace blazer, a cocktail dress, a great cashmere sweater as well as a crisp button-down shirt.

After carefully selecting the basics, you can then know what to add to the wardrobe. Caution: Don’t clutter the wardrobe with impulse buys.

how to dress fashionably

Don’t Do Impulse Purchase

Limit the number of times you actually go shopping to help make better purchasing decisions. Shopping for outfits is not all about quantity.

When You Should, Do it For Your Body

Cut and fit are fundamental aspects when it comes to building a wardrobe of great basics. Don’t just buy what is on. But if you can’t, go the donation way.

how to dress yourself

Say No To “Fashion”

Say goodbye to trendy items since this is likely to have an invigorating effect as far as your wallet is concerned.

how to dress better

Golden Rule: Accessories are Essential for Your Outfit.

Invest heavily in accessories. Get a statement necklace. It can end up transforming that simple black dress. Belts and bags can also add personality to your looks.