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Basic is cool, pretty nice, but going bold can earn you compliments even from unusual quarters. And, mind you: We are talking about the eyeliner!

Ladies, I know most of us are tired of going basic, right? Well, then you have a golden opportunity to amp up that eye makeup game of yours right now. Here’re nine oh-so-hot, cute eyeliner and creative eyeliner trends that’ll instantly send men into meltdown. They’ll transform your looks into something gorgeous. Caution: They can be addictive. Have fun, girls!

Believe in the Flower Power

You’ll love this modern, and trendy eyeliner look, ladies! Bonus: It may look complicated, but it is super simple. Moreover, it will make you look amazing. There’re many YouTube videos you can rely on for the procedure. So, no more basic. Go super, my dear!

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Ombré- the New Black

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This exquisite & sultry trend is one of those super easy trends to wear. Here is how to do it: First, make your normal winged liner (but it has to be on your upper eyelid). Ensure to line the inner corners plus a small portion of the lower waterline, too. When done, use a blue eye pencil & line your lower waterline. Then join the wing to your eyes’ outer corner. Finally, if you want to achieve a slightly smoky look, smudge your eyeliner on the lowermost part of the lashline.

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Jazz Everything it Up Like a Pro!

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If you aren’t a fan of super elegant eyeliner styles & trends, there is still something for you. All you need to do is to apply your regular winged eyeliner. When done, use a whitish shimmery eyeshadow to your lower lashline. This will help make your eyes pop and look bigger. Perfect for: nights out. So, slay this look, girl!

Thick is the Way! So, Go for the Thicker Lower Lashline

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If you are after amping up your looks, opt for thicker liner on those lower lash line of yours. Then line the upper eyelids using a black liner. The next step should be to take another eyeliner (depending on your color of choice) and line the nethermost waterline with it.


Golden is Super Beauty

The golden beauty is perfect for weddings. This trend, which involves layering that basic black liner of yours, can help you slay your wedding makeup game.

Feel the Blue Feels

spring eye makeup

It is time to ditch that black eyeliner of yours because blue will make your eyes so pretty. This color features a breath of freshness and will make your eyes pop up.


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Creative Eyeliner Trends