how to find self happiness

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The secret to finding happiness is not as profound as many unhappy people may think. For the vast majority of us, happiness is just a latent emotion battered down by other, more pressing feelings; but you can perform your own self-adjustments to balance your emotions and tap into the hidden world of happiness.

Happiness begets happiness. It is that simple. The energy you put out is the energy you get back in. While this may help us affect our environment to some extent, this is still an introspective process. Ever wonder how some people can still feel so much happiness and fulfillment in life amid the desolation of what society would deem a horrible situation? 

It’s the inner fire of happiness burning, despite all the outside pressures, and these people may never change their environments but are still infinitely happier than the rest of us.

how to pursue happiness

Kindling the inner fire of happiness requires an open mind and a persistent heart. In other words, you must be willing to be happy and be committed to happiness. The decision to change your life is a step in the right direction, but you might need some help building the foundation of your fire before you can spark it to life.
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Start with a committed mind and every morning, when you wake up tell yourself you will be happy. You can develop your own mantra and repeat it in your head with your eyes closed or stand facing your mirror and tell your reflection you’ll be happy today. Personally, the silent mantra works well for me.

true happiness comes from within

Another way to build your foundation is to carry a small object in your pocket daily and imbue it with happiness. Several times a day, reach for it and rub it between your fingers or clasp it to your heart. You can repeat your mantra or keep your mind quiet and draw your imbued happiness from your object. This may sound slightly silly, but by creating a transcendental object that represents a sensory happiness, you can focus being happy yourself.
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Finally, smile. Smile often and for no reason. Smiling is a pleasant feeling, and those around you will smile back. There’s a lot of power is a smiling face and this, along with the other tips will help reset your brain for happiness and light that fire. Happiness begets happiness!!!