Train your dog to listen to you

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Johnnie, our pit bull mix, is a nice pet. But recently, he nipped my nephew. While he did not break his skin or draw some blood, my sister-in-law was understandably very upset. Johnnie likes playing rough and my family indulges a lot with him.

When I sought to look for ways of making my dog to peacefully coexist with my loved ones, I came across an expert advice that worked.

how to socialize my dog

Proper training and socialization

Proper training, as well as socialization, is key toward ensuring that your dog develops a good relationship between people.

positive dog training

Never leave kids and dogs unattended

Dog owners often forget that a family dog is like any other animal –which doesn’t have a moral compass. Children shouldn’t touch a sleeping, ill, eating, strange and mommy dog.

Don’t expect your dog to simply deal with kids pulling his ears, tails, or even taunting them. Teach your kids to respect your dog and give him his space.

tricks to teach your dog

Create children-free zones

Create a kid-free zone where your dog can hibernate when he needs space. Think of crates since they offer a separate area where your dog can be alone. Do not take it as a punishment. The crate can act as a safe refuge, particularly when there are a lot of people in the house.

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Establish house rules

Nobody should encourage rough play with your dog. Experts suggest distributing food as well as treats away from kids. Never allow your furry pal to eat from children’s plates or play with your kid’s toys. The same applies to kids. They should never be allowed to play with dog toys.

how to train your adult dog

Train & socialize your dog

Don’t let kids scream or learn past your dog, especially if it lacks proper social skills. Train your dog to handle various distractions like kids, small animals plus bicycles. You can use an air horn, a funny hat in addition to other distractions to test his concentration. You also can enroll him in an obedience training course, but ensure to make it a family affair.

Happy training!