brown to red ombre hair

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You probably haven’t heard much about this hair color method — like the rise of pastel & unicorn shades that have exponentially flooded the social feeds lately — but be assured, the Ombré is giving veterans a run for their money.


Whether you’re inclined to a subtle transition or a stark contrast, you are sure of to a style of your choice. Without further ado, let us permit you to feast your eyes on Ombré inspiration for this fall. Happy ombre beauty!

Let the dip-dyed color your beauty

If you are a real daredevil as far as your hair color is concerned, why not try an ahead-of-the-actual curve aesthetic, for instance, two drastically different hues? Doing so will turn heads, and you’ll look amazing whenever the hair is up.

dark ombre hair

Why not intricate your looks with subtle shadow?

If you want to add more ombre feel to your traditional highlight, then you can count on this great look. All you should do here is to begin by introducing a face frame then shadowing the roots to bring more attention to your face.

Moreover, it will make the highlights fall off from the roots. This can be a nice option for those who are desperate for some changes, but not ready to commit.

ombre hair for dark hair

Reverse Ombré

If brown, blonde, and even red shades tempt you into the yawning zone, then take some cues from iconic beauty experts and add your preferred unique twist. Go for a trending reverse take and incorporate an unexpected color to achieve a head-turning finish that looks like the Ombré style.

red ombre hair color

Brunette Perfection

The brunette perfection features thick color ribbons that are super soft and chocolatey plus nice color puddles. Experts recommend showing a specific reference photo to your hairdresser so that she can do exactly what you really want.

However, you should invest in dependable cleansing conditioners to help get rid of buildup without necessarily stripping off the color.

diy ombre hair

Short and Seamless

Who told you that doing Ombré with short hairstyles is a sin? Ask the likes of Jourdan Dunn. His adorable pixie cut proofs that a gradual transition (i.e., from dark/darker to light strands) can bring a striking, face-brightening effect-especially for short-haired people.

Additional colors

More ombre hair colors worth knowing include honey highlights, caramel delight, effortless transition, the classic, ginger spice, and rich honey.