best chapstick for sensitive skin

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One of the worst side effects of weather is trying to deal with unanticipated skin changes. Those lips of yours are often drier than they should be and you really want extra TLC.

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Don’t worry we have some of the finest lip balms. I assure you that they have been tried and are true. They promise not to let you down. Pucker up!

Paula’s Choice Lipscreen SPF 50

When most people think all matters sunscreen, they tend to completely forget that their lips, just like all other sensitive body parts, need UV protection. As a lightweight daily essential, this lip balm is enriched with plenty of olive as well as jojoba oils, which ensure that all of your kissers are always hydrated throughout the day.

lip balm vs chapstick

Vaseline Cocoa Butter: The Ultimate Lip Therapy

According to past lip balm researches, cocoa butter can be termed as a true & tried ingredient for dry skin and the same applies to your lip care. This old (which is a favorite for those who know what to look in a lip balm) smells dreamy and won’t dry out when compared to similar popular formulas.
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Burt’s Bees Super-fruit Lip Balm

This is a 4-piece collection, and it comes in an array of incredible favors (including coconut and pear, mango butter, and pink grapefruit, and not forgetting pomegranate oil). It combines with beeswax to flawlessly coat your lips with natural moisture.

wax free lip balm

Love and Sage Mint Condition Lip Balm

Wow! What do we have here? Something that won’t let us stop licking the lips? Well, wear this cool & long-lasting moisturizer and hype your looks up!

Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask

best drugstore chapstick

As an advanced combination of organic agave nectar, vanilla CO2 extract, and jojoba oil, not forgetting some antioxidant-resveratrol (which is obtained from red wine), this heavyweight has all it takes to match its hyped prowess. Get yours and stay hydrated all day long.


Sara Happ Plump & Prime Lip Airbrush

If soft lips are part of your beauty vocabularies, we understand why you might have to go meltdown upon coming across this cult lip magician. So, prepare yourself for the softest lips with just a single swipe of this quality primer lip balm that also possess the aptitude of blurring fine lines and providing instant hydration for those annoying dry spots. Moreover, its ability to soothe dry lips plus moisturize your skin cannot be underestimated.