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There’s something for everybody — whether you are stunning super-long waves of Vanessa Hudgens, wearing a super- charming afro of Nathalie Emmanuel, or into chic as well as close-cropped just like Oscar award winner, Lupita Nyong’o — you may just discover your ideal curly haircut inspiration in this sampled haircuts.

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So, are you ready to get psyched up? Read on for incredibly inspiring curly hairstyles you should try!

The Famous Half Up Featuring Flat Twists

The half up, which features flat twists is super trendy — and in fact not hard to work out. Beauty experts recommend starting off with damp hair before you try to section your hair’s front half into four parts (which will end up being the flat twists). Then proceed to try the twists together. Finally, you can wear the remaining hair down.

ways to curl short hair

 Mermaid Waves

Between her incredibly flattering locks & impish grin, Vanessa H looks like she is actually on a rock (which is in the center of an ocean), dazzlingly luring gullible mariners to their deaths. So, you too can make things kill and let beauty dance to your tune.

easiest way to curl short hair

Simple Side-Parted Crop of Lapita Nyong’o

Over the past few years, Lupita Nyong’o, has taken the beauty industry by storm. From her outfits to her hairstyles (curly hairstyle). Talk of the head-banded ‘do Lapita wore at the 2015 Oscars or that futuristic tower she sported during the 2016 Met Gala. In a nutshell, this style is amazing, unbelievably sophisticated, and can add an interesting detail to your looks.

easy ways to curl long hair

Nathalie Emmanuel’s Chic, Cute Curls

Honestly, I admire Nathalie Emmanuel’s hair she wore on “Game of Thrones.” On stage, she used to sport simple-but-stylish headbands. However, she killed it off with this kicky asymmetrical cute curls.

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Curly Pixie

best way to curl long thick hair

Asymmetrical pixies are cool, but they can be great with curly hair. Just ensure to add the right amount of pomade if you want to look like a rockstar.

Voluminous High Ponytail

The voluminous high ponytail is a special type of curly hairstyle, which is easy to pull off since it is humanly possible. This hairstyle has got a great fun as well as a trendy vibe. Extra points for flawlessly styled baby hair.

Half Top Knot

The half topknot is a fun style that that blends the half updo and the bun. With this style, you have the fun drama that oozes from the oversized bun as well as the laidback glam from the rest of the hair worn down.


Other great worth trying include:

  • The pulled back flawless long waves
  • Curly undercut like Alicia Keys
  • Grecian half-Updo
  • Tousled high ponytail the Rihanna style