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It is wedding season! And you’ve been preparing to look gorgeous, right? Whether it’s yours, your best friend’s or your neighbor’s, it is time to get inspired with classic manicures!
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We’ve sampled the top four nail polish looks that’ll make you kill it. And if you aren’t getting married, optimistically your manicure won’t sidetrack people from the bride herself…..because you’ll be amazingly beautiful too.

glitter manicure

Why not glitter? After all, it’s a big, big day
Don’t worry I don’t mean festive, exceedingly glittery nails. If you want something flawless that’ll add a hint of glamour to your appearance, then go for this style. What about applying some glittery lacquer at the base or tip of your nails? This will make you stand out like never before.

wedding nail ideas

Modern French will make you ROCK

The classic French nail polish can transform your looks! Appearing in unique geometric shapes as well as designs, you can easily bring this ancient classic into the contemporary world. To remain within the wedding tint schemes, stick to pale pinks or crisp white shades. What if you try a slight ombre or an angled white tip to make it ultramodern and romantic? Doesn’t it sound great? There are endless possibilities to choose from!

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Going floral can be great, too

Florals are old-fashioned, but we still love them. However, you should keep them muted for a wedding; you want them to look muted and perfectly compliment the color of your dress! Apply the floral detail on two of your nails and combine them with nude shades to match the flowers.

diy manicure

Feeling Gray

french manicure ideas

It shouldn’t always be white, pink or nude shades? Why not try gray? It’s classic enough to be convenient for a wedding. Perhaps, they’re great for pairing different hues together too! I love CND’s cityscape coordinated with grapefruit sparkle- it is dreamy!