best foundation brushes for liquid foundation

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There are many different types of brushes you can use to maintain and style your hair. Choosing the right brush for the task at hand is important when it comes to keeping your hair looking at feeling its best.
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Here’s a quick rundown on all the different brushes and when to use them.

best brush to apply liquid foundation

  1. Wide-Toothed Comb – These combs are perfect for getting through wet hair. Rather than pick through your hair with your fingers, gently use a wide-toothed comb to detangle and prepare your hair to be dried. Using this comb will prevent damage and breakage.
  2. Paddle – The go-to brush with the most versatility, this brush is excellent for quickly brushing through medium to long length hair because the brush can handle a lot of hair at the same time. The paddle brush creates a smooth finish, so if you’re looking for volume, you may want to check out another brush.
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  4. Vented – Vented means air flow while drying. Air flow means volume. This brush is excellent for adding bounce and volume to your hair.
  5. Thermal – These brushes are meant to be used with your hair drier and trap in heat. Their purpose is to speed up the drying process and help create a smooth finish under your hair.
  6. Large Round – If you’ve got flat hair, this is your brush. It will add volume and can create a straight or curled while drying your hair.
  7. Skinny Round – This brush is perfect for bangs and short hair and will smooth your hair while you dry it.
  8. Half Radial – Want the bobbed look? Grab this brush to create a short style look with a curled end.


  10. Fine-Toothed Comb – Remember the big hair days? 80s girls can thank the fine-toothed comb for their teased hair. Though we don’t quite get that high anymore, the fine-toothed comb is used for teasing bangs and short pieces of hair.
  11. Boar Bristle – This brush is excellent distributing your hairs natural oils throughout your hair and will give you that healthy hair glow.


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