wag for cats

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Many people find it difficult to live with kitties because they don’t know how to speak their language. It’s like an English speaker trying Mandarin but not comprehending the tones.


You are attempting to say “Hello! I really love you! Let us be friends.” But to your cat what you are saying is “Hi, you jerk. You would better stay far from me or I will kick your ass”.

moving tail

Direct contact

We like to look at each other directly. But in Cat, making direct contact seems aggressive and off-putting. Cats tend to love those people who’re afraid of them. It isn’t because they’re jerks, it’s because those who dread from cats don’t look at them in the eye.

Slow wink

One great way to bond with your kitty is to adopt the slow blink. Lay close to your relaxing cat but not staring directly at her. Appear nonchalant, relax, and chill. Then leisurely turn your gaze so that you are looking at her. Immediately you notice she is returning your gaze, slowly close your eyes and crunch your face a little, then gradually open them. Repeat this severally until she starts reciprocating at your gaze. Often she will turn aside after some time, but you’ve now bonded.

what does it mean when a cat's tail wags


Body language

When having fun with your precious cat, watch her body language. A twitching tail can signal irritation. Wagging doesn’t indicate happiness! So, if you’re petting her and she is doing that, you are not doing it right. Keep paying attention. It’s normal to pet your kitty automatically until she’s overstimulated and done. But your cat’s nipping may be a handy way to inform you to get your hands off. In your mind you were being nice, but your cat thought you’re being an overbearing jerk. It’s good to understand your pet’s feelings so as to avoid disappointing her unnecessarily.