amazing hair color ideas

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A few years ago, I went red, very red. I had an Ombre style, and I thought the red color would maintain the Ombre look but with red instead.


I was pretty excited for the look until I saw the outcome. The color was red, like Jessica Rabbit red and in a certain light, even a dark wine color. I was devastated by the color, which seems so unnatural. If you’ve experienced incidents like this, there are a few things you can do to work it out.

Sometimes, our at-home color in a box just doesn’t come out the way we thought it would. It’s too dark and just not us. Here are several tips to help you lighten up that botched dye job of your:

  1.  Grab the Clarifying Shampoo – Almost all of us have it in our bathrooms and showers. If you don’t, grab some clarifying shampoo to help strip the color. Clarifying shampoos have color-stripping (and grease and other stuff) surfactants formulas. This the stuff that makes your shampoo and soap lather up all foamy. Wash your hair a few times and each time, wait for the water to run clear. Or close to clear at least. After lathering up two or three times, go with a deep conditioner to help add moisture back. The clarifying shampoo will strip everything, including your natural oils.
  2. Call Customer Service – Look on the back of the box for the customer service hotline and call as quickly as you can to get professional advice on your color.


  4. Time to Remove the Color – Unfortunately, the only way to really lighten a color if the clarifying washes and professional guidance didn’t work is to eliminate the color. You may have to use toners to help with color correction afterward too, and you can find beauty products to remove your color, but nothing beats a visit to the beauty salon.
  5. beautiful hair color ideas

My red hair did calm down after a few washes, but I was a little leery of rocking the full head of red hair in the sun for a few weeks. Eventually, my color rebalanced and I enjoyed the red tones. I figure I’ll have to be more careful with my hair color in the future.