how to show affection to your dog

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Falling in love with your dog can be simple and instant, and most of us tend to take it for granted that they’ll reciprocate. I have been in love with puppies countless times.

It’s truly an exposure from my job. Whenever I look into my Fido’s round eyes, and I smell his sweet breath, I’m obsessed every time! Is it possible to make your dog love you back?

how do dogs show affection

Can you read your dog’s feelings?

I believe that in certain cases, dogs become so much in love with a new family, in an instant connection which doesn’t necessarily need an encouragement or motivation to flourish. For other pooches, the initial bonding may be less dramatic, but with time, it can turn into a stronger devotion.

how to become your dog's favorite

Some puppies do not link to people right away; but they can benefit professional trainer’s insight, particularly if they’ve challenges such as anxiety, aggression, fear, or shyness. If you feel that your needs extra help, begin by talking to your local vet for guidance.

how to teach your dog to speak

Recognizing your dog’s love

Obviously, you don’t expect your dog to tell you that he loves you, but I believe there are so many things he does that show he loves and cares for you, right? My Fido expresses his feelings through his behavior. He has always been my constant companion, having decided to stay with me the rest of his life no matter what. He has chosen me over everything else, including other dogs, food, and even people.

He reads my moods and will always come to comfort me whenever I’m sad or distressed. The way he looks at me, checks with me, and how he snuggles up to me suggest that my dog is deeply in love with me.

Dog Training

Positive reinforcement- Training your Fido to love you

A loving relationship with your dog is founded upon honesty and mutual respect. Training is an essential aspect of this relationship.