spring nail colors

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They say: The nail salon (others may decide to call it heaven) is a sacred territory! That’s where you’ll always find yourself the best manicure/pedicure services.

One would be hooked there all day long, just to get out better. So, we are understandably excited to spill our understanding of the nail styles you should wear this summer. If you want your digits pointed to perfection, I have some advice for you: First, get the right stylist. Two, know your style (don’t just put on nails). Three, try getting inspirations from these three summer trends: Good luck!

Keep reading to discover the colors, the finishes & adornments to make you rock right now.

Ornate Nails & Jewels

the latest nail trends

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Gone are the days when earrings, charms, and these type of things were only for your ears and face. Nowadays, things are changing. In fact, you can have these same adornments even on your digits. So get creative. Get those sexy hoops and dangles on your nails and report back the outcome. They are simply fun. Get inspired by those black ladies from the hood who’ve been setting this creative, trendy way before the mainstream media hyped it into a ‘cool’ thing. But, don’t sleep on these Black girl’s magic. Just make the waves beautiful!

Detailed Nail Art

spring nail polish trends

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Well, we’ve something incredible here-the detailed nail art. The go-big-and-go home style happens to be the name of the game here. If it weren’t for those artists who are constantly pushing boundaries as far as the nail art is concerned, we would still be wallowing in the stands waiting for nail miracles from the nail messiah. So, get out of your comfort place and punch your way into this nail design. Period!

Iridescent and Chrome Pigments: Indeed, the possibilities are endless

spring nail polish colors

The nail industry is again going crazy. In fact, stylists are now moving beyond that basic matte as well as those glossy finishes of yours. Now, nail artists are slotting in chrome & iridescent finishes into the classical manicure designs, which is now making for some serious exclusive mani-grams on the social feeds. In fact, top stylists are still in awe as far as the number of variations designers have invented using pigments. Put simply; the possibilities are endless regarding nail designs.