dog jacket with sleeves

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I’m not taking the fabulous designer shoes. No, Jimmy Choo is the Brazilian Internet sensation Bull Terrier. Perhaps you’ve heard of him or seen his funny photos circulating?


If not, here’s a little more on this whimsical Bull Terrier sure to capture your heart.

Jimmy shares his life with his longtime best friend, Rafael Mantesso. Several years ago, Rafael’s wife left him, taking all their possession from cookware to furniture.

She left behind an all-white, empty apartment and Jimmy. Rafael and Jimmy spent a lot of time in that empty, white-walled space playing and taking photos and one day, after a gleeful romp around the apartment, Jimmy collapsed down in happy exhaustion, and Rafael was inspired to draw an entire world around Jimmy.

These humble beginning kicked off Jimmy and Rafael’s new creative profession and Jimmy became a fast favorite on the Internet and gained the attention of the London based shoe designer of the same name, Jimmy Choo.

Though the campaign kicked off back in 2015, Jimmy the Bull has received many accolades and continues to gain worldwide popularity. The expressive face and emotion of Jimmy are magnificently captured by Rafael who adds the simple, clean drawing in post-production.

Jimmy Choo’s, that is, Jimmy the Bull has hundreds of cheeky photos showing off his great fashion sense and excellent disposition. The story of Jimmy Choo and Rafael may have a dismal start, but if not for the empty white spaces of his apartment, Rafael may have never discovered the creative artist inside him.

Rafael’s collaborative efforts with his dog, Jimmy Choo, would be a locked secret; not to mention, the world would be deprived of such a cheeky yet fashionable Bull Terrier.