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You can almost see an entire generation discovering My So Called Life and channeling their inner Angelas – the hit 90s teen show with Claire Danes and Jared Leto.

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The show is a blueprint for 90s fashion and attitude, and it appears, the look is making a big comeback this fall.

When it comes to a comfortable, all-day wear, skinny jeans didn’t hit the same high notes you’ll find with a relaxed fit. We’re not talking pipes, well not yet, but the oversized, baggy legs and well-fitted waisted and the fifth pocket are on the rise. Carpenter jeans are also making a comeback this fall with the stonewashed look and destruction jean tears. Frayed out seams on knee length denim skirts paired with classic white crop tops and ribbed tanks will end the summer with a bang. Fall will see the return of flannel shirts.

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Boots and high-top tennis shoes will don our feet and faded jeans jackets outfitted with pins will grace our shoulders once more. With all the 90s It Girls to take lessons from, we’re sure to have a lot of inspiration to go by this fall.

Need tips on the look? If so, check out Gwen Stefani in No Doubts I’m just a Girl video, or Bohemian black girl, Lisa Bonet from A Different World, or Jennifer Aniston in her Rachel days on Friends. With so many styles and ladies to reflect, you can find your own inner 90s look, which is sure to be much more relaxed than our former skinny jean days. Hopefully, we get to wait a few decades before those make a comeback.