cat shock collar

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Whether it’s an etched sterling silver disk you bought from a fancy boutique or a DIY aluminum circle from your local pet store, your kitten’s ID tag is actually more than pet jewelry. It’s an essential safety net to safeguard your feline in case he gets lost.

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Tag; you’re it

All cats should be confined indoors to safeguard their health, safety, and peace of mind. However, accidents do happen. Your pet can be tempted to slip outside through an inadvertently open door or window. That is why you should get your cat a collar and tag.

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An ID tag will help him return home. If you are lucky, somebody might find him and return him home right away. Moreover, if he is picked by a stranger or a pet control officer, the tag will be used to identify the owner. Minus an ID tag, it will be difficult to locate you.

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ID info

A conventional cat’s ID tag, among other things, should contain your name, physical address, as well as a cell number to help concerned people to reach you. Also, include an additional cell number –like a number if a friend-in case you are unreachable.

When traveling ensure that your pet has an ID tag. Your pet can get lost in airport tarmacs or at rest stops and the tag will help locate you.