training a new kitten

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Watching your kitty do even the simplest action is a treat because, while doggies perform tricks to entertain their people, cats do it only when they feel like it…..and usually, they don’t.


Nonetheless, the common belief that kitties can’t be trained is a lie. They can learn to do amazing tricks, with the right training. You can have your precious kitty navigating tightropes and balancing beams. Are you surprised? That’s very possible. Just be aggressive and help your cat become WOW with magical tricks.

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Focus on your kitty’s favorites

Chicago’s Acro-Cats hosts feline performers and all-cat rock bands with sizeable guitars and pianos. In reality, your cat may grasp a few tricks which may impress even Lassie.

To make your kitty interested in performing a trick, concentrate on his favorites. Some cats are vertically oriented, enjoying leaps and climbs, while others love to stay near the ground. Cats are different from dogs. Doggies are often motivated by food and hunting, while cats love playing.

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Be patient and proactive

Remember, you’ll need to be patient and proactive during the process. But if you’re lucky to have a cooperate cat, the results will be highly satisfying. Young cats learn faster than mature ones, so keep the training short and minimize background distractions. Training him before mealtime is good as it creates a perfect condition for your cat to get motivated with a food reward.

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Teach him to shake hands

Always call your cat by his name and observe how he responds to a simple handshake: When he is sitting still, give him a treat and while he raises his paw hold it gently. Then say” Buster, Shake it”. If he does it as he should reward him with a good treat. Your cat might anticipate the same treatment whenever he sees you and will start lifting his paw voluntarily.