light color nail polish

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It isn’t just about matching your nail lacquer with your clothing and mood, but it’s also about choosing the best manicure hues and designs that perfectly complement your skin tone.
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If you’re so much into fashion, you should strive to create flawless looks throughout the year and for every occasion.

You can opt for darker tones or brighter shades, depending on your personal preference. But remember, a manicure is often seasonal, shining brightly in the spring, wearing neon, oranges, and bright pinks in summer, and then going darker into metallic and maroons during fall and finally getting to crimsons during winter. There is a whole fascinating world to be explored when you decide to research about changing nail polish colors.

nail polish shades

Your nail polish should match your complexion

Apart from seasons, though, every skin tone has a unique color palette that’ll make it look best. While certain hues may look amazing on your friend’s fingers or toes, they can make your nails appear dull and unflattering.
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Obviously, you do manicures daily, so you need to figure out something that works perfectly on your skin tone.

Trends do come and go, but certain classic colors will last for decades and won’t require you to reset your manicure again and again. You’ll only be getting upgrades; the bases will remain the same. But the colors and lighting might be quite different, so enjoy choosing from the countless options available on the market.

cool nail polish

Be creative with your style

It isn’t just the lipstick that should be chosen to match your skin tone; your nail polish should also go hand in hand with your complexion.

That’s if you want to look extra SEXY. Break the tradition and get yourself something unique and classier. You aren’t the ordinary type and you need to stand out this season! So, be aggressive with your style.