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It’s unfortunate that we look back in hindsight on the things we’ve done with regret but what’s more devastating is looking back with regret on the things we haven’t done.  


Chances are, twenty years from now you will not remember all the unfortunate things you’ve done, but you will surely recall all those missed opportunities.

We live in a chaotic, ever-changing world that is a constant stimulation to our minds and hearts; yet, we seek to dull the stimulation and order the chaos with routine and monotony.  We rise every morning and go through our daily, human rituals; be it rushing around to get the kids off to school on time to sit on the freeway for the morning commute.  We take lunch at the same time, if we take lunch at all, and resume our afternoon grind before battling the afternoon commute home for dinner time and the evening rigmarole.  

We live for weekends but pack them full of cleaning and errands we couldn’t get done during the work week, and finally, at the end of a Sunday evening, we settle in to catch up on our weekly television programs and feel some sense of calm.

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break the rules

Your story may not look exactly like that, but it’s some other variation of a routine.  The sad truth is, it is hard to break out of the routine and experience life outside of the norm, but if you don’t do it now, you may live to regret it later.  So, create a real Bucket List, like a “40 Before 40” of all the wonderful things you want to do.  Add everything your heart desires, from the practical to most extravagant.
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Having a reference list of all the wonders you want to see and do will help you break the cycle of regret and achieve your life goals and twenty years from now, you will have far less regret.