best skin care products for women

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Sure, we all want to age gracefully; to surrender our youth to wisdom. But when the time comes, how willing are we to let go of the glow of youth?


Some women chase it like the Devil. There is a delicate balance with aging; too much corrective action just turns bad. I don’t have to point the finger in any celebrity’s direction though. You can probably name them for yourself. The key to maintaining your natural youth is all in how you treat yourself now. So, get on-board with preventative maintenance.

First thing, always make time for your facial and skin care. Even if this means during your lunch break at work or on a long flight. Better to scare children and confuse everyone else than to skip your care. Plus, you’ll feel refreshed afterward. Taking care of your skin is always relaxing.

If your proprietary doesn’t allow you to go quite so far on a plane or in public, practice facial massaging instead. You want clean finger tips and to relax your face as much as possible. Gently make circular motions around your eyes, mouth, temple, and nose. You can also apply pressure for about a 10-second count. These massages will promote good collagen production and keep those wrinkles at bay.

For your overall skin care as well as facial care, avoid hot showers. We love them, but they are damaging your skin. They not only open all your pores, but hot showers and hot water applications can dry your skin out severely. If you just can’t live without hot water, at least try to take it down to a cooler temperature before leaving the shower and rinse your face with cold water to seal your pores again.

Speaking of water, are you drinking enough? Our skin needs to stay hydrated, and you need daily water to feel and look healthy. But drinking water alone will not suffice. You must also hydrate your skin with serums, creams, or mists.