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The one one thing that drives me nuts is when the eyeshadow looks nothing like what’s in the compact when it’s on my skin. If I had to name a second thing that drives me crazy, it would be eyeshadow that looks smudged and gets stuck in the creases of my eyes after only a few hours of wear.

First things first; deal with the color. I’ve found the only way to ensure the color stays true is to use a primer, but you have to make sure you’re using a primer that won’t make your eyes oily. Your eyes produce oil naturally, and that’s what creates the smudged look after a while.

how to do pretty eyeshadow

A primer will help seal your eyes so you can apply the eyeshadow, true to color, and have a finish that lasts all day long.

My favorite primer is the Urban Decay Eye Shadow Primer Potion. The little tube goes a long way for me when I’m creating my look. Some people use eyeshadow primer on other parts of their face as well, but I prefer using this brand solely on my eyes and a concealer and corrector for the rest of my face.

The primer certainly helps prevent my eyelids from producing a lot of oil and smudging my look, which is very helpful in the summertime.

I also notice my eyeshadows shades apply smoothly as my skin is primed. In order words, I didn’t start out oily. I use my eye moisturizer when I take my makeup off at night. In the morning, when I’m ready to get going again, I make sure I rewash my eyes to remove any residual moisturizer. This will help reduce the chances of having oily eyelids.