easy painted rocks

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Several local groups in Georgia are building an inspirational community that rocks.  Locals are painting rocks in bright colors with pictures or inspirational quotes and hiding them all over their communities in public spaces.


The hidden rocks are meant to bring a sense of community and connection to the people who chose to participate in the game.  There’s only one rule for the rock hunt when you find a rock; you must replace it with a newly painted one.

The local rock groups are organized by different Georgia Rock Facebook group pages that scavenger hunters can join.  The Facebook group pages offer clues to the locations of rocks through the community and give families the opportunity to share something special with each other and others.

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The groups get people out and moving around in public spaces, such as city parks and zoos.  Families also get to bond with each other over painting rocks and looking for them. The power of something so simple is incredible.  Hand painted rocks that can fit in the palm of our hand are not usually considered a treasure, but to the growing Georgia communities, these little rocks are amazing.

rock painting images

Girl Scouts Troop 14603 in Tunnel Hill is now getting involved with the fun and is researching eco-friendly paints that are safe for the environment.  The Girl Scouts are hoping to give classes and demonstrations to educate people on the best products to use for painting rocks.
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If you’re lucky enough to live in Georgia, you can participate in the fun by looking for the Facebook groups known as Chatsworth GA Rocks, Cohutta Rocks, Dalton GA Rocks!, Murray GA rocks, Tunnel Hill Rocks, and Varnell Rocks!  If you’re not a local to these Georgia communities, consider starting a rock group of your own today and get your community involved in a fun activity.