How to train your cat to be confident

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Raising a confident cat is essential for the health and happiness of your cat and will add immeasurably to your household as you will have an active, social cat who loves to be around the family.

Cats are territorial and have defined boundaries and securities in their homes. Confidence helps your cat to feel more secure in her home, and a lack of confidence can make your cat aggressive, shy, and behave poorly.

bringing a kitten home first night

Here are some of the ways you can help boost your cat’s confidence and develop trust.

    • Set a consistent schedule for feeding. Food is a distressing subject for a cat whose hunting instincts are still strong. If your cat is not on a regular feeding schedule, she will be stressed out with not knowing when she’ll eat next and with the lack of (hopefully) wildlife living in your home, she can be even more distressed. Keep her confident that food is available in her home on a regular schedule.
    • Encourage your cat to explore. If your home is safe to run around unsupervised, always let your cat’s curiosity run wild. She will explore hidden places and move about the house. Don’t try to stop her when she’s in explorer mode. She needs to define per space.

Cat's Confidence

    • Provide a sanctuary. Even the most curious of cats need a safe place to hide. You can set up a little cat den, tent, or box in a quiet part of the house and never disturb her while she’s in that quiet space.



  • Encourage interactive playtime. Grab a cat toy fishing rod with a prey toy attached the end of it and start playing with it. Your cat will see the wild movement of this toy and want to hunt it. It’s a great time to bond with her and get some supervised playtime in while exciting the huntress in her.

  • Buy interactive toys for your cat!

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  • Read her cues.  You don’t have to be a cat whispered to understand when your cat wants to be left alone. Respect her boundaries and learn to read her cues. If she doesn’t like something you’re doing with her or to her, stop it.
  • Keep is quiet.  It might not always be easy to maintain the volume down. We need to vacuum all that cat hair from time-to-time. However, loud music and television noise, as well as fighting and yelling loudly inside, are scary to your cat, who has a heightened sense of hearing. Do your best to provide her with a quiet space.

Confident Kitty
There are many ways you can promote a safe space for your cat to live in that will help her develop greater confidence in her space. With confidence comes trust and with trust comes a happier, healthier lifestyle where you get to spend more quality time with your cat.