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Well, as much as you might be loving the fresh flower crowns, they aren’t the only option available-especially for those looking for something perfect to complement their wedding hairstyle.

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From Satin Yunotme headband to Bobby pins, the options are endless to cater for every bridal style as well as budget! To help you out, we’ve rounded up incredible hair accessories to make your wedding day memorable. And the best part, they can be bought online from different retail stores.

Now that we’ve negotiated a temporary peace in the beauty sphere let’s look at the finest hairpieces –starting with the Satin Yunotme headband-for the “I DO” day.

Satin Yunotme Headband

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Wow! We have something dramatic but does not look that heavy. The Satin Yunotme headband is simple, stunning, and light-which makes it one of the must-have accessories during the big day.

Constellation Crystal Headpiece

hair that cares

It is time to get the Constellation” crystal headpiece featuring stars that have been aligned around it. In fact, it is a perfect handset for your hair during this day!

Poeme Circlet

shampoo hair

Well, the Poeme circlet is a delicate Liv Hart Circlet featuring a stunning butterfly plus a flower comb to ensure that your hair looks cool from every angle.

Flourish Headband

how to take good care of your hair

The Flourish headband is all about bridal collaboration with the Lulu Frost to create a perfect blend of vintage in addition to whimsical detailing that will do you justice–whether you decide to wear that hair of yours up or down.

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Icarus Voilette

pin up hairstyles for weddings

Featuring some nicely hand-stitched ostrich feathers together with Swarovski crystals, this hairpiece is undoubtedly a deluxe update for any classic wedding voilette.

Rosette headpiece

The Rosette headpiece, a Twigs & Honey rosette, is blessed with antique gold tone-which is just enough vintage to charm any bridal look!

Ali tulle & pearl headpiece

Don’t just relegate this tulle & pearl headpiece to your dress. You can take it you’re your hair, especially when perfectly complimented with pearls such as this Hushed Commotion headpiece.


Brooklyn glass classic crystal hair comb

Ambush the wedding spectators by pairing a deco-inspired gem hair comb with a glam chignon if you want to instantly remodel the classic updo!

Bobby pins

For those who’re interested in adding that extra dose of gusto to their boho braids, let them get the Jennifer Behr gen- cloaked bobby pins and they’ll look amazing.


If you want to make a regal statement, then walk these jaw-dropping pieces into your hair:

  • Gia double banded halo
  • Cordelia upright Grecian crown