best pets for toddlers

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Let us focus on the dog-the newly adopted companion you wish to stay with for years. He will also be spending most of his life with your people, including your kids. Isn’t it?

Kids are like puppies. They are all playful, inquisitive, and impatient. They are easily excited and can be mischievous. They are loyal. They will always want to play with you, play with each other, and puppies (due to developmental reasons) will end up biting your kids or the visiting kids.

That is why it is vital to carefully supervise the first encounter between your kid and your new pup. Doing so will yield a truly wonderful reward- a truly close bond and a lifelong love of dogs

So, why can you do to prevent these bites?

Dogs are BEST Friends

Teach Your Pup to Like Kids

If your pup is still in the early days of life—say 12- 14 weeks—think about providing him with plenty of pleasant and relaxed experience with children.

Make Socialization Relaxed and Fun

Remember: “Socialization” does not necessarily mean throwing your pup into the pool hoping that he knows how to swim .No. Just keep all exposures pleasant as well as pleasant.

Don’t force him to deal with unpleasant sights and sounds. If his response to kids is timid, enlist some gentle, calm, and quit kids to sit beside him.

Behavior is Key

Teach your pup to be well-behaved if you’re to ensure the safety of your kids. Teach him basic commands like sit and down. For instance, if your pup’s first impulse if jump up and kiss anyone coming to your home, teach him to “LIE LOW” or “DOWN!”

Practice Handling Exercises

Even the coolest child at times will throw his arms around a pup’s neck or tug on the tail. So, prepare your future companion to be ready for this type of attention-otherwise he will always want to run into your kid.

Other Tips

Other helpful tips worth mentioning include:

  • Never allow your pup to jump up
  • Introduce your kid’s toys to him
  • Never force your put to accept kids.