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Increasing Their Chances for Adoption in California

In the United States, municipal shelters are overcrowded with adoptable dogs and cats. The programs are a tax burden for many cities and towns, and...
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The Detroit Pit Crew Rescues Puppies from Facebook Seller Advertising Puppies as Dog Fighters

Here's another story of Facebook being used for cruel and criminal intent.  It’s a shame there are always those few that ruin things for...
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Welcome to the Land of the Strays

Imagine a place where all dogs are welcome. Imagine a place where they can relax and enjoy free, open spaces; where they have plenty of...
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New Legislation to Prevent Animal Cruelty by the VA

It seems the Department of Veterans Affairs is yet again in the spotlight but this time, for its treatment of animals, particularly dogs.    Before, we...
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Dog Found Safe After Being Taken In a Stolen Car

A dog disappeared at the same time the owner’s car was stolen four days ago. Now, the dog has been discovered to be safe,...
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Pit Bull and Her Seven Puppies Get A Miracle

This pit bull and her seven sick puppies were looking at a very bleak future.  Bunched together in an animal shelter in Texas, they...
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“Old Dogs Need Love”

Let us face the truth. We all love pets, especially cute young dogs. But what some people do to dogs isn’t right.-...