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I’ll admit it, grammar, syntax, and style get me going. Talk to me about my love for the Oxford comma and my ill-used ellipsis that I incorrectly deploy in all texting, emails, and instant message chat windows.
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Call me out or engage in grammar talk and I might just love you too.

Grammarians love other Grammarians, and despite the many different people who frequent coffee shops, tea houses, and patio bars, you can usually spot one off to the side, alone, and reading. Or, you’ll find my favorite kind of Grammarian, the Will Shortz crossword addict. Their well-worn paperback book is folded over, and their pen (yes, they’re so good they bring a pen to a crossword challenge) is half chewed and twitching violently in their over-caffeinated hand. Occasionally stumped, they are usually willing to pass the puzzle to their fellow Grammarians for assistance.
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But, outside of their natural habits, Grammarians are harder to spot. If you, like me, are proud of your understanding and love of all things grammar own it, Grammar Girl, with this Grammar inspired punctuation look.

A simple, solid color or a natural look with bold punctuation is quite the statement. I am not ambidextrous and cannot write with my left hand, let alone paint on punctuation upside down. So, when it comes to this look, I ‘m all about the decals.

Your inner nerd doesn’t have to stick to just punctuation. Mathematical symbols, binary code, even foreign language characters can speak to your style and help you proudly announce to the world your particular love of all things nerdy.

Others will also see and can appreciate your style. This look is perfect for getting back to school this fall. Show off your love of grammar and language studies and maybe meet some fellow Grammarians while at it.