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Despite what the nay-sayer of cat love say, cats are sensitive members of our households who show love and feel love. If you are not meeting your kitty’s love needs you are sending her the message that you don’t care much for her. Your cat can read these signs very clearly. Here are a few basic tips to help affirm your love for your feline friend.

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  1. Clean the Litter Box. Cats do not like stepping through their own waste to eliminate. If you’re not cleaning the litter box, you’re communicating that you don’t care about your cat’s preferences. This might result in your cat’s preference for the carpet. After all, if you don’t care about her cleanliness, she won’t care about yours. Cleaning the litter box at least once a day also helps keep the smell down and makes the litter less dirty over time.
  2. Not provider mental stimulation. Cats need a lot of mental stimulation daily to satisfy their energy and hunting instincts. If you’re not playing with them they are not getting that stalk and pounce stimulation. Your cat needs a nice window perch or open curtains to entertainer her when you can’t be home and playing with her. The lack of stimulation will make her feel bored and restless. The best thing is to play with her every day.
  3. How to make your cat love you?

  4. Never yell or hurt your cat. Yelling and scolding your cat will scare her but hurting her is terrible for her. Cats have excellent memories and will quickly learn to dislike and not trust you if you show them any negativity. Cats can do frustrating things at times, either by accident of on purpose. Your job is to understand why they are behaving the way they are and provide safe alternatives for new positive outcomes. Negativity will only breed negativity.
  5. Neglecting your cat. Neglect comes in different forms. Not interacting with your cat or forgetting to feed them are ways in which some people neglect their cat. Others might not clean the water bowl or food dishes, which become smelly and slimy over time. Not trimming nails, grooming them or ignoring your cat’s pain and health-related issues are other ways. Neglect sends a strong message to your cat that you don’t care about them.


why does my cat sit on my face

Your home should be a safe and loving environment for you cat, so when you go home tonight, be sure to affirm how much you care for her with just the little things.



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