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Despite its long ban, blood sporting is still an unfortunate thing for some dogs. Abigail, a young Pitbull was a stray rescued from a suspected dog fighting ring in Miami, Florida in November 2016 and the poor girl was only just hanging on to dear life.

The poor Pitbull was in a wretched state. Open, festering wounds covered her head and neck, she was missing her right ear, and mud, blood, and ticks covered the rest of her body. 

It became evident that Abigail was rescued in the nick of time, but she needed a lot of care and attention including multiple surgeries, skin grafts, and a lot of hospitalization time.

On day two of her recovery, her rescuers realized the bandages Abigail wore on her head resembled bows, headbands, and bonnets, so they started dressing Abigail in headbands and posting them to the rescue site. 

Fans from all over the world enjoyed seeing Abigail in her bows and headbands leading the campaign “Bonnet for Abigail,” which raises awareness and funds for Dogs of Deployment, an organization that locates foster homes for pets of deployed military service members.

heroic pets made the news

Abigail’s popularity soared as she also helped raise awareness for her own history and that of so many other unfortunate pit-fighting dogs. When Abigail was finally ready to find her forever home, she was lucky enough to have many people interested in adopting her, but ultimately, Abigail joined Megan and Jason Steinkes’ family that also had Tala, another Pitbull rescue. Finding Abigail’s forever home did not stop her mission of raising awareness through Bonnets for Abigail though.

Every year, the American Humane Society recognizes heroic dogs who act as change makers and inspirers. Abigail is one of the 2017 Heroes, and her acceptance of the Hero Dog Award will be broadcasted in a two-hour special on the Hallmark Channel on October 26, 2016, so tune in to see this fantastic pup who represents so much hope.