Photobombing featured image

Ever had your dog disrupted your perfect picture?  Take a look at how these dogs unexpectedly appear in what could have been a “perfect picture.”  Talk about being upstaged!!

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THEY say dogs are a man’s best friend… 

Photobomb 1

This athlete had the perfect picture until. . .  it was ruined by a pesky pooping pup.

These otherwise lovely photos were ruined when their forgotten four-legged friends answered the call to nature.

The hilarious snaps, currently taking the internet by storm, all feature a squatting hound in the background while oblivious couples, friends and families grin away at the camera.

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Many of these mutts have clearly strolled into a shot at exactly the wrong moment.  This couple’s romantic pic was ruined by a pooping pooch.

This young woman who is posing for a photo in a bikini by the side of a pool is going for a sexy pic.  Unfortunately, no one told the dog to look sexy.

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Photobomb 4

This pup can be seen in a compromising position on the sand while a smiling couple embrace on a beach.

In another, a family have gathered together for a memorable pic in the garden… but they forgot one family member.  This dog won’t be forgotten in the future family pics.

Photobomb 5

One couple’s romantic photo will definitely be remembered, but for the wrong reasons.

Photobomb 6

Meanwhile these dogs don’t just upstage humans — take a look at this beautiful collie’s show picture gone bad.


These two girls will definitely be cropping this pic before snap-chatting.

These friends, while frolicking in the grass, better watch where they step.

Let this be a lesson:  Always include your four-legged family members or run the risk of being photobombed.