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Whether you’re the type of person who wants to paint your dog’s toenails or not, plenty of people desire the look on their pooch.

Unfortunately, most people don’t bother to think about how toxic human nail polish is. Unlike people, dogs use their tongues to groom and clean themselves.

This includes their paws, and with painted paws, they may ingest toxic chemicals that could get them sick.

People are going to paint their dog’s nails. Rather than tell people they should avoid breaking out their favorite colors for their pups, the Pawdicure brand has come up with a water-based, pet safe polish that’s easy to apply.

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Traditional nail polish takes time to dry, and dogs usually don’t have the kind of patience it takes to sit pretty for all that time. Nor would I suggest curing polish with UV light or other measures to quicken the process. We might stand for that, but it’s not a safe practice for your dog.

polished paws dog grooming

So, aside from the toxic nature of nail polishes, we also have the time factor. Pawdicure also addresses the time factor in their easy to use a system. OK, it’s not even a system. It’s a pen. You shake up the Pawdicure pen for about 30 seconds then apply it to your dog’s toenails. It’s just like a marker, and it even has a tapered nib point so you can add details with other colors.


The pens are completely safe for your dog, and the paint dries within 40 seconds. So, by the time you’ve finished your dog’s last toenail, the whole set will be ready. In just a few minutes, your pretty girl (or boy) has a full set of fabulous color to rock in the dog park.

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