small breast cancer tattoos

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Our self-image is very powerful in how happy we are as well as how beautiful we feel. Losing your positive body image feels terrible, but regaining it can be transforming

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“You gave me something beautiful that I will carry for the rest of my life.” – Pat

“Every single time I see me in the mirror, I am deeply moved. I feel something healing inside me.” – Mari

“I was beautiful prior to my surgery. But now I am bea-u-ti-ful with my scars and all.” – Willie Mae

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. From grocery stores to boutiques, were asked at the check-out if we’d like to donate a dollar to a breast cancer research or awareness fund. Controversial news stories warn us of “pinkwashing” companies and foundations whose officials abuse marketing schemes and funds. We, as caring and concerned people who may or may not have been touched by breast cancer in some form or another in our owns lives, feel betrayed and confused in October.
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At least, that is how I feel every time I’m asked to donate to a foundation. My mother passed from breast cancer only five years ago, and no amount of my money will bring her back or appears to help other women who already have breast cancer. But despite my bitterness toward the undeserving foundations, I am deeply moved by organizations that do good work for breast cancer survivors.

breast cancer survivor tattoos

P.INK is one such organization that is an inspiration. Breast cancer, like any cancer, is emotionally devastating, but breast cancer often leaves a woman disfigured and scarred. She did choose the scar caused by a mastectomy; it was forced on her for her very life. Many survivors of breast cancer have their self-images significantly altered by mastectomies. Though they are beautiful women, they believe their scar defines a new form that is not flattering. Five years ago, the P.INK organization recognized the depressing self-image and set out to make a difference.

P.INK is an organization of tattoo artists who volunteer their time, art, and equipment so breast cancer survivors can rediscover their inner beauty with a scar that is meaningful and beautiful to them. The artists give back in such a significant way that only a heart of stone could be unmoved by the organization’s mission. So this year, if you’re thinking of donating for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, please consider helping the survivors of this terrible disease by donating to P.INK