the meaning and purpose of life

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To some of us, the phrase you have a purpose in this life tends to light a fire in our belly because we understand the meaning of living a calling/purpose life.

Others might be tempted to cling at the phrase … what a senseless phrase, purpose. To them, life is different. In fact, they doubt that everybody (including themselves) believe that things happen for a reason.

list of life purposes

Of course, personally, I believe that everything, including those awful ones, does happen for a reason. These reasons are to:

Enlighten you…act as an informer.

god's purpose for us

Make us change our bad ways and act as a catalyst for progress.

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Shape you into the person you’re supposed to be …so that you can live your purpose.

You were created for a reason, and that is it.

So be yourself. Completely and downright. Effusively expressed.

When you are yourself, living that authentic “my life,” you’ll always live to know that you were created for a purpose. You’ll undertake the things you love or skilled at. You’ll spend your precious time with who you are meant to be with. You’ll travel to places you love. And certainly, you start pursuing your passions.

Your heart

Never roll your eyes at useless questions-what will people say, why don’t I be like them, why don’t I have much money, when will I make them happy, and blur!
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You have heard these silly questions a thousand times. Take it or leave it: It is an eye opener to rediscover the inner part of your heart and uncover your truth.

life purpose meaning

How to discover why you were created

To learn why you were born, start following those tiny urges of yours, be completely honest, and realize that the only person who knows the best is you.