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The agony of losing your four-legged canine can be devastating. He might roam and wander from the yard or go missing by accident.

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So, what should you do? Where you start or whom should call? The key is to be prepared for such accidents through incorporating an identity for your dog. The following steps will help your dog return home safely.

what to put on dog tag

Collar & ID tag:

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An ID tag is one of the easiest ways you can use to identify your dog with. You can have the tag designed to read “REWARD, ” but you should also incorporate your number.

Using the phrase “REWARD” will eliminate the possibility of another person keeping your dog if he/she knows its name. Remember that most people are lazy!! So, if your dog doesn’t have any tag, they are likely to pass it without making any attempt to contact the owner.

A visible but simple tag featuring your number increases the odds that someone will call you to inform you of your lost dog and its location. They will help return your dog home safely. Also, you should take ample and current photos of your dog to post them in your neighborhood in case he/she gets lost.

a dog tag

Micro chipping:

Microchipping, your dog, is one of the most effective ways of identifying your dog. If he/she gets lost, your local vet will have access to the microchip wand. However, you must ensure that the chip is registered with the national ID database for easy identification.

Microchipping is not very expensive and can cost up to $80 per dog. But you can also go for cheaper options with a local certified dog expert who is likely to charge you around $20 per dog. This offers you with the peace of mind knowing that your dog can be located anytime. The cell number in the national database will help the officers to get in touch with you.