makeup hacks for dry skin

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Sometimes, we need to get on with our day and perfecting our look is just too time-consuming. But you shouldn’t neglect your signature looks just because you don’t have enough time. Here are just a few hacks to get you moving quicker:

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beauty hacks for makeup

1. Eliminating dark circles – Instead of using your concealer, which is a shade or two lighter than your skin tone, only on the skin below your eyes, paint a deep triangle from the base of your eyes to include your upper cheek bone. This will help use light and contract on your skin and minimize your dark circles.

2.   D.I.Y. gel line – Take any kohl pencil and sharpen it first. Hold the tip in a flamer, like a lighter or a candle, for one second and let it cool for 15 seconds. You don’t want to burn yourself so be sure it’s cool enough, but the color will apply just like a gel.

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3.   Repurposed eyeshadow – As your eyeshadow palettes break up and become useless don’t be so quick to throw them out. With just a small amount of petroleum jelly, like Vaseline, you can turn your favorite eyeshadows into your new favorite lip colors.

4.   Reuse your mascara brushes – Found a good one? When it’s time to replace the mascara tube, consider keeping your brush.

5. Find your edge – A quick way to tell where to apply blush and contouring is to use your pencil or brush handle. Place the straight edge of the pencil just below your cheekbone to find your best angle.

6.   A perfect Cupid’s bow – Take your lip liner, which should be the same color as your lip color and draw an “X” on the upper lip at the Cupid’s bow. Use the guide to fill in your lip color and, viola.

7.   A different blotting paper – Out of blotting paper and out of the house? No problem, head to the nearest lady’s room and grab a toilet seat cover. The paper used to make a toilet seat cover is similar to blotting paper and will help remove the extra oil.