trending makeup looks

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The Internet is an excellent means for delivering all the latest trends, and people are always looking for ways to entertain and excite the world with the next best thing.

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Some of those oddest or visually different trends started with just one brave individual who wanted to push the limits of beauty.

From nail art to bedazzled body jewels, beauty and fashion-mind folks pioneer the hottest trends. Facial hair has always been a hot topic in the fashionable world and men have rocked some fantastic mustaches, beards, and side-burn styles over the many years. But who would ever expect nose hair would make a fashion statement? It seems the Internet is now ablaze with the newest trends for nose hair, and not for the men but the ladies.

The hot nose hair extension trend is spreading over the Internet at alarming rates; #nosehairextensions. For many of us ladies out there, we lack the proper length and fullness to show off our natural nose hair adequately.

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Luckily for us, many of us have extra eyelash extensions and adhesive in our makeup kits and vanity cabinets, or we can easily find some eyelash kits in our local drugstores. Nose hair extensions are not yet available, but eyelash extensions make for a pretty good substitute.

OK, all joking aside, this is a real trend on the Internet, but it’s not a real thing in the beauty world. Nose hair extensions remind us that we have to laugh at ourselves and have fun with our lives. The trend is a subtle reminder that we have a powerful voice and can affect some pretty amazing things. 

It also teaches us that not everything we see on the Internet is real and that while we should take risks that make us grow and learn more about ourselves, we also need to exercise caution and consider the content. Don’t be a blind beauty sheep, be your most beautiful you.